How to play nice with Google

Everyone needs a social media spiritual guide. Mine is Kent Lewis of Anvil Media. I’ve attended a couple of his presentations on how to raise your online profile, and one point he emphasizes is to join groups that have interactive membership directories. Google loves that stuff.

I’ve taken Kent’s advice, and now when I google my name and its variations I’m happy with the results I see. However, these are not the results I expected. My LinkedIn profile always tops the list, but after that, Google bypasses my professional connections. For example, the Freelancers Union doesn’t win, place, or show. But Google loves my hobbies! Writing for fun? There’s my profile at the Clarion West Writers Workshop site. How about making bad art? There I am at the International Union of Mail Artists. (Yes, the IUOMA exists, and there are 3,700 of us all over the planet so hush your mouth.) I probably shouldn’t have given up my membership in the US Chess Federation.

I can’t complain. Kent’s words were good. And these search results make me look like a guy with a life and not like a lifeless drone. I’m just sorry that Audubon and the Mazamas don’t have membership directories.


How to make a small fortune in social media

Start with a large fortune, of course.

Yesterday I launched a blog on LinkedIn. I’m surprised (and happy) that my first post has generated so much attention. I credit that not just to what I wrote, but to all the networking I’ve done over the years. Making connections with people who are hyper-active online and who are seen as thought leaders in their fields gives you new friends, new insights, and — in this case — unexpected visibility. Thanks, everyone!

Now all I have to do is turn all these likes and forwards and retweets into cash…